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20th March, 2020

The world's immune system, its astonishingly sophisticated interconnectivity, cannot but be stimulated by this sort of prospect. A perfect cytokine storm of statistical projection, information propagation, and financial sensitivity.

LONG TAIL TAKE: After two months of lockdown, the UK government legalises cannabis to "ease strain on mental health".

19th March, 2020

American culture is still obsessed with Cold War imagery, evolved into cyberpunk, the personal hero narrative (more on this tomorrow). War is the only force in American culture that can raise the national identity above political partisanship. But in this case, perhaps they'll get the wartime economy first~! The American system of government is unable to act under partisan conditions. Cui bono? Nontrivial.

Under extreme emergency conditions, the left will always compromise before the right.

Social distancing up, intellectual distancing down.

Elision between metaphor and reality - contagion, a coming together.


18th March, 2020


"Moving into cash" is the market's charming euphemism for selling. The crash at the end of the longest bull run in history. Those in the market have always seen their job as "moving money where it's needed". A vision: the market as a great body (with organs?), the Bloom, a fundamentally emotional flesh, nerves sensitive and multiplicitous, heaving mass, taking some time to come to terms with the move from optimistic outlook at the beginning of the year to prickling panic now.

6th February, 2020

Our concern is with positive feedback in the sense strictly cybernetic.

Open a window and dream.

The notion of a computer augmenting human thought was introduced by J. C. R. Licklider; John C. Lily approaches the correspondence from another perspective - the computer as a model for the brain itself. The computer aids thought as a tool but also as a metaphor and a physical implementation of cognition. How difficult it would be to describe the functioning of our own minds without concepts like register, stack, cache, spool, but also Markov decision process, value function, overfitting. The way these things are implemented in the human body has some peculiarities, and as with silicon machines a low-level malfunction or a multi-level cascade fail is most appropriately met with laughter and curiosity. And, naturally, we run only a small subset of the possible programs we could be implementing on our hardware, not to mention the phenotypal variation in its firmware and control systems.